Grade 10 Workshop – “I don’t know how to study…”

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Many of us think it’s incredible that we’ve made it to Grade 10 without actually knowing how to study properly. We’ve all tried the “wing it” or the “I’ll just read over my work the night before” methods, but achieved no true success. The workshop that took place on 13 March, led by Mr Roy Hellenberg, gave us some insightful information on how to study so that we can avoid the stress of the next Maths test or the dreaded June exams.

Mr Hellenberg started by testing how well we pay attention in class. For many of us, the truth of that survey was frightening. But soon after, we were taught about active listening, received some useful tips on how to listen to boring lessons, as well as a few pointers to achieving better marks.

The second part of Mr Hellenberg’s talk was on practical learning skills. He told the group about the four personality styles: enthusiastic, imaginative, practical and logical. We were then able to identify our learning style, learnt about the advantages and disadvantages of each, and were taught about a variety of useful study methods which best suit each personality. Mr Hellenberg concluded by talking about the problems which often lead us to not being motivated to study – which secretly we all know are true.

Workshop 2 involved a night of eye-opening material and many laughs. The Grade 10s left with smiles on their faces and an air of change about them. We are all very excited to test Mr Hellenberg’s methods because we now know that studying is what we have to do “to attain divine wisdom in this life.”

Michelle Langeveld 10E

"I don't know how to Study" - Grade 10 Workshop

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