Grade 11 Compositions Concert

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On Thursday 17 October, the Ballet Hall at Wynberg Girls’ High School was filled with the quaint and beautiful compositions that the Grade 11 music students had created over the last couple of months with the help of their music teachers.

This task consisted of two sections:

  1. Compose an original piece of music for keyboard instruments OR solo instrument and keyboard OR a combination of at least 4 instruments that is a minimum of 16 bars.
  2. Perform their original piece (or in some cases have others perform it) and then present a computer-printed score to the teacher.

On Thursday, 11 of the 16 girls of the very talented Grade 11 music class performed/had their piece performed by a very kind helper and the order was as follows:

  1. Lauren McDonald – Piano (played by Hongju Nam)
  2. Shana Joy Jansen – Piano and recorder (piano played by Hye-in Kim with Shana on the recorder)
  3. Simone Daniels – Piano and voice (piano played by Shana Joy Jansen with Simone singing)
  4. Georgia Bailey – Piano and voice (Georgia played and sung)
  5. Dominique Jacobs – Piano (played by her father)
  6. Carla Stokes – Saxophone Quartet
  7. Lara Bredeveldt – Piano (played by Christin Sands)
  8. Hye-in Kim – Piano (played by Hye-in)
  9. Robyn Burrows – Piano (played by Christin Sands)
  10. Zoe Johnson – Piano (played by Beth Petersen)
  11. Christin Sands – Piano (played by Christin)

It was a very enjoyable although slightly stressful time for the Grade 11’s and we can’t wait to hear the rest of the compositions at the Lunch Time Concert on Wednesday at Second Break. Well done girls!