Grade 11 Geographers visit Eskom

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On Thursday morning, the Grade 11 geography learners left school with a long drive ahead of us. After about an hour bus drive of music, mapwork and morning naps we reached our first destination: The Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme in Grabouw. This is a power station owned by Eskom that uses flowing water to generate electricity for the national grid and also helps to supply water to the City of Cape Town. When we arrived, we received a talk from an Eskom staff member. We learnt all about how the national grid works, how this particular station functions and the process of its construction, as it is within a nature conservation area.

After the talk we had a lunch break, before heading down to the power station itself. We got to go inside and look down at the generator and pump, 20 stories below us.

After this we took some photos of the surrounding area before heading off to our next destination. We drove to Caledon to look at the wind turbines and to just to get an idea of what a small town looks like to help us visualise the mapwork we do in class and to help put some of our theory into context.

We headed back to school in the rain feeling exhausted and windswept, but we definitely had gained a greater understanding of how our country’s national grid functions, how electricity can be generated and we were able to put lots of our class work into context.

Grade 11 Geography Outing