Grade 11 Geography Excursion: Paarl

On the 22 September, the Grade 11 Geography girls conquered the strenuous hike to Paarl Rock. Under the blazing sun and facing a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius, we managed to get to where we needed to be. Before we started the much anticipated hike, the girls listened to a talk about the famous Taal Monument and many of us learnt a few new interesting facts. Some of these included the fact that the Taal Monument in Paarl is not the only Taal Monument in South Africa. After the talk about the symbolism of the Taal Monument, we armed ourselves with maps, hats, sunscreen and a key into the Paarl Nature Reserve. We climbed and climbed, eventually reaching the top of the mountain. We were greeted with a spectacular view of the Paarl valley and the Klein Drakenstein Mountains. A calculated gradient, some field sketches and worksheet questions later, we continued on a path where we got a good sighting of the famous Paarl Rock.Unfortunately, the Grade 11 Geography students of Wynberg Boys’ High somehow managed to beat us on our hike to Paarl Rock, even though they started after us, but the girls did manage to beat them back to the bottom, as we didn’t go all the way to Paarl Rock, but rather stood a few metres from it and gazed at the spectacular view.

Travelling back to the bottom was certainly a breeze compared to hiking uphill all of the way, and I think the girls did it in a record time. Once we reached the Taal Monument at the bottom, the girls went straight to the little shops there and bought ice lollies and ice-cold cool drinks in an effort to cool down. We sat under the shady trees, eating and completing our worksheets. We got back on the bus with a better understanding of Paarl, its shape, geology and land-use, and returned home having spent a wonderful day in nature.  Needless to say, the bus ride back to school was very quiet indeed.

We’d like to thank our teachers for organising the outing and accompanying us on it.