Grade 11 Life Sciences Outing

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“Where’s the Kelp Forest Exhibit?”

“Where’s the answer to number 12?”

And “Can you take a picture of us?”

These are questions that are only asked on a Grade 11 Life Sciences outing.

On Tuesday 23 September, the Grade 11 Life Sciences girls enjoyed a day exploring the Two Oceans Aquarium. The girls were split into two groups. While one group spent time revising and learning a bit more about Animal Biodiversity in the Lab, the other group endeavoured to answer the questions on their worksheet.

The hands-on lesson in the Lab allowed the girls to physically see and touch the live marine animals that they had been studying. After realising how different actual sea sponges are from Spongebob Squarepants, the girls examined more complex creatures like sea anemones, sea urchins, hermit crabs and starfish.

In the aquarium, the girls were on a mission to complete their worksheet, but at the same time to admire the remarkable animals in the tanks beside them. An obvious favourite was the Nemo tank. While everyone waited in the long line to enter the world of the exquisite clown fish, others (especially those in Ms Muhl’s class) were amazed by the small, yet extremely strong mantis shrimp held in one of the nearby tanks.

After a day of seeing, learning and taking many, many selfies, the girls had to say goodbye to the sharks, penguins and giant spider crabs, and return to school. There was no doubt that the girls had a fantastic time on the outing. This just goes to show that no matter what age you may be, you are never too old for an aquarium adventure!