Grade 11 Music Outing to UCT South African College of Music

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The Grade 11 subject Music girls had the great opportunity of watching a small concert which took place at University of Cape Town’s South African College of Music, on Thursday the 15th August. It was a competition for students’ compositions being performed by a small band selection of musicians, consisting of about 10 members in each.

Being the first music outing we had been on, we were all extremely excited. We were accompanied Ms Franke, and had the pleasure of watching our Jazz Improvisation teacher and also Jazz Band Head, Basil Raad, perform in two of the compositions, playing saxophone. Not only were we highly entertained by the variety of genres explored – Classical, Jazz, and contempory work – for many of us, it was the first time that we had set foot inside the famous College of Music, and  where some of us  may end up after school. We were enthralled by the welcoming atmosphere and the interesting, talented students. We were given the scores of the music beforehand, so that we could follow all the instrumental parts, and learn some of the technical aspects of writing a musical composition while hearing the tune. At the end we watched the winner being awarded the ‘Golden Pineapple Cup’ for his composition. We thank Basil and Ms Franke for the wonderful experience!

Anna Jacobs