Grade 12 Dance Studies – Choreography

On Tuesday 30 April, the final choreography practical of our Grade Twelve Dance Studies girls was performed. The eight girls who have Dance Studies as one of their Matric subjects have spent months preparing for this exam, and hours rehearsing, choreographing and thinking about their concepts and how they would be perceived by the audience. To look at some of the thinking behind each of the dances that they have choreographed, we have a synopsis of the dance and a video clip of the performance for you.

Sam de Kock
Caitlyn Foord
Tayla Lewis
Jamie Reizenberg
Jenna Schreuder
Chelsea Tuck
Natalie van der Merwe
Claire Wilkinson

Choreography is to be a stressful part of the Dance syllabus, as students have to compile a journal of their thought processes as they develop their pieces. A programme has to be designed: they have to report on what it was like to work with their dancers; they have to give detailed drawings and descriptions of their costumes and explain why the costumes had been chosen; they explain their music choices and how it contributes to the atmosphere and emotion of the piece and they have to include rehearsal timetables and a report on the rehearsals.

With any production in the performing arts, there are a number of challenges, and certainly this Choreography examination was no exception. From rehearsals to injuries, to costume and lighting design and indeed the quality of the recording of our music Grade 12’s wrestled with the problems presented to them. At the end of it all there was little doubt that they felt that they had grown as a group and learned a number of invaluable lessons about ¬†responsibility, creativity and patience! ¬†Certainly the input of everyone involved was hugely appreciated.