Grade 12 Life Sciences Outing

On Friday 15th August, the Grade 12 Life Sciences learners got onto a bus and trekked to the Stellenbosch University Medical Campus to witness almost all they had learned over the past three years, in the flesh – literally.

The outing was divided into two sections, led by friendly, knowledgeable students of SU. One part of the outing involved viewing actual corpses Рcalled cadavers Рthat have been preserved for over fifteen years.  Learners were able to use to observe and explore various aspects of the human body. This proved to be highly beneficial, as physically seeing bodily organs they had learned about was enriching and aided in their understanding of these organs and systems.

The second part involved a tour around the renowned Tygerberg Medical Morphology Museum. Here they were able to visually ponder upon various defects and syndromes and the physiological consequences thereof, which was extremely interesting and informative.

The Life Sciences outing of this year was not only enjoyable, but also a very helpful and enriching experience.

IMG_3518 IMG_3503