Grade 12 Physics Outing to the Cape Town Science Centre

On 12th February, the grade 12 Physical Sciences girls visited the Cape Town Science Centre. Here, the physics behind experiments and exhibits we’ve been awed by since junior school was explained to us.

The colourful and interactive centre is filled with so many activities that it is almost impossible to explore all of them as thoroughly as you would like. Some girls spent the entire floor time trying to puzzle out optical illusions and brainteasers. Highlights included using one of the world’s largest cellphones, taking a spin on the human gyroscopes and observing Cape Town through a camera obscura, the oldest known camera. We were also treated to a documentary on space and the history of the telescope, shown inside their dome-shaped planetarium.

The day ended with an explosive (literally) demonstration of chemical reactions by the Centre’s scientists, intended to show all who still doubted, that science can be fun.

 – Aa’isha Dout

Visiting the Science Centre