Grade 9 Technology Projects

Once again the Grade 9’s wowed their teachers with their “Bedroom Projects.”

The brief the girls received:

You have been given an unlimited budget to design and create your DREAM BEDROOM!

• What will your theme be? Girly, hippy, princess?

• What colours would you like to see in your room? Black and red, hot pink?

• What kind of features will it have? Flat screen TV? Work area? Make up area? Chill out area? Dance area?

• What accessories will you have? Blinds, fluffy carpets, down lighters?

What you need to do:

1. Create an A3 concept board, showing the ‘theme’ of your bed room.  Collect images of the type of furniture, lamps, bed and soft furnishings you would like. Get crazy, add pieces of fabric, beads etc., anything that inspires you.

2. Draw an A4 bird’s eye view of your room, so that we can see the lay out.

3. This drawing is to be completed in pencil, with colour added where necessary

4. Once you have completed step 2, you will now create a ‘mock up’ of your room using, cardboard, fabric etc. This model MUST be made to scale.