Great entertainment from the House Play Challenge!

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In response to popular demand, it was decided that House Plays should be reintroduced as a house challenge in 2017. 8 houses were put into pairs and, within each house, 8 Grade 11’s were nominated as directors.

Constantia and Wellesley – Selena Pereira and Tamiya Safodien
Apsley and Waterloo – Caitlin Johnson and Laila Manie
Cavanagh and Kirsten – Jessica Austin and Bella Draper
Copenhagen and Silverlea – Zoey van Reenen and Helena Veysey

Throughout the term the girls chose suitable scripts, held auditions, booked venues, and rehearsed as much as they could around their already busy schedule.

On the last day of Term 3, the school entered the newly refurbished hall to watch the House Plays.

Constantia and Wellesley brought to life the story of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time“, a play filled with drama, action and lots of plot twists. Apsley and Waterloo’s took on Andrew Brown’s “Occams Razor” which had an unexpected twist at the end, and certainly left the audience wanting more. Kirsten and Cavanagh’s one-act-play, “The Cagebirds“, a play exploring the idea of the freedom of women delighted the audience – perhaps because the characters such as Guzzle, Gossip, Gloom and Gazer had particular resonance.  Silverlea and Copenhagen’s “For Coloured Girls” dealt with the topic of teenage pregnancy and abortion and, even though the play did have a serious side to it, Nicole Smith had the girls in fits of laughter.

We were honoured to be adjudicated by Leandre Kleynhans, a past pupil of Wynberg, who matriculated in 2014 and received her Grade 8 in Drama.

The results of the House Plays were as follows:

Best actress- Okwethu Banisi
Best supporting actresses- Kristina Burge, Ainsley Louw, Amarachi Vazidlule
Special mention to – Bhavika Kalan
Best directors- Bella Draper and Jessica Austin
Best house play- Cavanagh and Kirsten

We commend all the girls who took part in the house plays – especially in view of the fact no rehearsals were held in the hall or with technical assistance because the hall was being refurbished.  We also congratulate the directors who put themselves forward for this exciting challenge and who worked their hardest to put together a brilliant play and make their houses proud.