Hectic 9 film at Wynberg

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Hectic 9 tv crew arrived at Wynberg Girls’ High School Consumer Studies Department on Friday to film a segment for their show.  The theme for the week was “All about Gen-Z” and all the content for the week was centered on Generation Z.  One of the characteristics of Generation Z  which they wanted to focus on was that Gen Z are big Foodies, and they wanted to find out what makes Gen Z such Foodies.

Courtney Wray and Robyn Williams were selected to prepare their favourite dishes, while a presenters took us through the process of how that dish was prepared. While they made the dish, the presenter spoke to the girls about where their passion for food came from, why they enjoyed cooking, where they learned to cook, why they Instagram pictures of their food, what  some of their favourite cooking shows are and why they believe Gen Z are foodies.

Courtney and her assistant Robyn prepared Bobotie Wontons, much to the delight of the TV crew who enjoyed samples at the end of filming.

The show will air on Tuesday 2 June on SABC 2 between 16h00- 17h00.