Hockey Matters – our u14’s are showing us how much!

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Hockey stick1st Team
Despite our team playing attractive build-up hockey and dominating most of the possession throughout the game, the First Team suffered another disappointing loss, this time to Fairmont First Team. It was through some of this great build-up play and connective passing that we scored first through Aaliah Dollie and we hoped that this would be the start of more goals and possibly a return to winning ways. However, our opponents took quick advantage of poor marking and passing as well as a lack of communication and scored the equalizer and the winning goal. On a positive note, our junior players stepped up their game this weekend and played with more confidence and flair, especially Olivia Walker. Kayla Morgan played a more defensive position and did a fantastic job. Although it was a loss, there was much improvement from our previous game and the girls are continuing to work hard.

2nd team
On Saturday morning, the 2nd team hockey played against Fairmont. It was another hot day, but everyone still managed to put a lot of effort into the match. After the first half, the score was 0-0, despite numerous scoring opportunities for both teams. Unfortunately, careless errors and tired legs resulted in us going 2-0 down, but we managed to score a consolation goal in the last 30 seconds of the game. The 2-1 result was a disappointing loss for us, especially because we had a lot of opportunities which we didn’t manage to convert into goals and it was our first loss of the season.

Although it wasn’t the outcome we hoped for, we did learn a lot from the match. As long as we work on our weaknesses (especially our fitness) we will definitely continue to improve and go from strength to strength.

3rd Team
We were outmatched against Cannons Creek’s First U19 team and just could not keep up with the pace of the game. Although we suffered a loss, we took heart from the fact that we never gave up and kept on playing.

On the 20 of May we played against Fairmont’s U14A team. Thanks to some consistent build-up play and good passing, the team all played their part in setting up the 2-0 victory and we are very excited about our first win for the season. Kelly Johnson received the player of the match, as she scored two cracker goals from the top of the circle! We are hoping to carry on our winning ways as we grow together as a team and improve our basics.

Our U14B hockey team played against the U14B side of Fairmont High School. Our girls played exceptionally well to pull off a convincing 3-0 win. Well done to Caylin O’Kelly and Jamie Lodewyk for scoring goals and to our defensive players who blocked every possible opportunity for Fairmont to score. It wasn’t an easy match but everyone played their hearts out. Well done to Wynberg and Fairmont for an excellent game.

Our beginner team took on the U14A Team from Cannons Creek in a very evenly competed game that ended in a draw. The girls all played well and have shown so much improvement.

Although we did not manage to get our first win of the season, we did implement a number of tactical aspects that we had worked on during the week. Our defensive positioning was good and we managed to switch play a lot more efficiently. Our midfielders made some good leads throughout the game, but we turned over too possession far too often and held onto the ball too long. Our strikers also need to work harder to get to the ball and have got to keep pushing to upgrade inside the attacking circle.

As a team, we need to play in triangles more because when we did, it worked really well.

We kept our heads up till the end and we played as a team and hopefully, in our next game, we will do better

U16B Team
Lost 0-3 to Fairmont


U16C Team played Fairmont on Saturday in a very evenly matched game. The team fought very hard for every ball and worked well as a team. We made good passes and created passing space. The girls will continue to strive and do their best every game. The final score was 1-1, with Imaan Majiet scoring the Wynberg goal.

U16 D
Saturday’s game against Cannons Creek U16A team resulted in a great win for the Wynberg U16D team. The girls showed great teamwork and played brilliantly and the support on the side lines motivated the girls to keep working hard. It is still early in the season and fitness as well as tactics are aspects that need to be worked on, but we are hoping for a successful season.