Hockey results: Saturday 10 May

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WGHS 1st Team vs ST CYPRIANS : 

SCORE: 2 – 2

The 1st hockey team played against St Cyprian’s this past Saturday at WGHS Astro. The Wynberg team knew from previous encounters that St Cyprians are a team with great spirit and determination.  During the first 10 minutes of the game Wynberg camped in St Cyps’ half of the field; we had numerous chances to score but were unable to capitalise on our shots at goals.

St Cyps managed to penetrate the Wynberg’s defence against the run of play and was awarded a short corner from which they scored their first goal. Within minutes St Cyps managed another break through which caught the Wynberg’s defence out of position and they were rewarded with a second goal. There were two one-on-one attempts at goals by St Cyps but they was unsuccessful, thanks to Valeshka Harku’s brilliant saves.  In the last minute of the 1st half Wynberg was awarded a short corner, where Berzilee Pipes deflected the ball into the back of the net.

During the second half of the game there were numerous attacking opportunities for both teams, but the defence managed to break down the run of play. Late in the second half of the game Wynberg was awarded a short corner and Jamie Southgate scored a cracker of a goal off a rebound from the keeper.  Overall it was an evenly matched game and our determination and fight was evident. In order for Wynberg to win games our players need to maintain their positional play.

Player of the match: Valeshka Harkhu and Cara Geere

WGHS 2nd Team vs ST CYPRIANS : 

SCORE: 0 – 2

The 2nd team kickstarted the season off with a game against St. Cyprian’s School on Saturday morning. The girls put up a hard fight throughout the first half and dominated the second. Unfortunately they narrowly lost 2-0.

WGHS 3rd Team vs MILNERTON : 

SCORE: 4 – 1

On Saturday 10 May , the 3rd team played against Milnerton High School. The team played a great game , ending in a 4-1win for Wynberg. The goals were scored by Logan Coutts and Stacy Samuel , both scoring two goals .It was a great game filled with great hockey and funny moments, which included Kelly Vermaak running onto the hockey field without her stick. Well done girls, keep up the great work .

WGHS u16A Team vs ST CYPRIANS : 

SCORE: 1 – 0

The U16A team beat St Cyprians 1-0 with a goal from Demi Steenkamp.  The team dominated the match for long periods of time and should have scored more goals but missed a number of good chances to do so. A strong performance overall.

Player of the Match:  Nikiwe Mlumbi

WGHS u16B Team vs MILNERTON : 

SCORE: 2 – 2

The U16B team played against Milnerton U16A team. The team played well to beat them 2-0. Although we had a lot more possession than the opposition we had to fight hard to win. Goals were scored by Saarah Smith and Amy Arendse.

Player of the match: Anne Hall for her excellent early crosses from the right.

WGHS u16C Team vs MILNERTON : 

SCORE: 4 – 0

On Saturday 10 May, WGHS u16C’s played against Milnerton, winning their match 4-0.

Three goals were scored by WGHS in the first half of the game, two by Kagiso Jantjies and one by Paula Buchanan. WGHS dominated possession in the first half, passing a number of times at the goals for most of the half. Paula scored again during the second half of the match, aided by Kagiso Jantjies and some very persistent fielding by Emily Symmonds. The team seemed to tire a little during the second half, but despite fatigue were playing a much more structured game and in comparison to the first half, showing better reliance on skills learnt in coaching.

WGHS u16D Team vs MILNERTON : 

SCORE: 0 – 0

The U16D team played a mixed group of U14B, U16 and U19 Milnerton hockey players. The girls played a great game, with a great improvement in their teamwork and communication. Thank you to Logan Patel and Jess Botha for refereeing.

WGHS u14A Team vs ST CYPRIANS : 

SCORE: 3 – 0

Wynberg U14A vs St Cyprians U 14A

After the first half:

Wynberg: 1 shot on goal, 1 shorty, 1 goal(Kayla Morgan)

St Cyps: 1 shot on goal

Score: 1 -0 to Wynberg

After 2nd half: 

Wynberg: 5 shortys, 2 goals (Jenna Grey)

Final Score 3-0 to Wynberg Girls’ High School.  It was a good match no injuries and good spirit!  

Player of the match: Keightley Walsh, excellent work from her.

WGHS u14B Team vs MILNERTON : 

SCORE: 0 – 1

The u14b’s lost 1-0 to Milnerton, no lack of enthusiasm just some more focus needed!


SCORE: 0 – 1

The U14Cs played a great game against Westerford even though they lost 1-0. They had 3 short corners and almost scored one and defended 2 short corners!

Player of the match: Lauren who ran hard and kept on percevering even though we were one nil down.