Hockey Results vs Bloemhof and Central

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On Saturday the 15th August Wynberg played hockey against Bloemhof. The day brought on the true meaning of winter as it was pouring with rain coming from the side, being carried by the wind. The stormy weather made visibility poor but the teams pushed on.

1st Team

The first team had a tough match against Bloemhof as Bloemhof made great leads which put pressure on them. Despite the rain it was a good game of hockey with some lovely linking up. Wynberg managed to score the first goal and great enthusiasm and excitement was present as it always is after a goal. The goal was scored by Stephanie Lopes-stuart with a back stick shot. Despite this lead, Bloemhof managed to score an equalizing goal shortly afterwards. The score was equal for a large portion of the match until about the last five minutes, when Bloemhof managed to take the lead after scoring another goal. Wynberg tried hard to get another goal after this but unfortunately came short. The final score of the game was 2-1 to Bloemhof. Despite the loss, Wynberg will keep pushing on and will work hard to get back on top.

3rd Team

On the 15th of August Wynberg 3rd team met at Bergvliet High School astro turf to play their 2nd team at 9 am.

Another win for Wynberg, the score was 1-0, which was scored during the first half through a short corner converted by Jesse Kleintjies, our women of the match. However the girls need to work on their shots on goals as there were too many opportunities missed during the game.  Notable mention must go to our defender Emma, who played a wonderful game using the skills she worked on at practice during the game.

We would also like the thank our goal keeper, Aneeqah Davids, for stepping up and helping us in a time of need.


The U14A hockey team lost 4-2 to Central on Saturday 15 August. In the first half Wynberg played some good structured hockey and played well as a unit. Defensive errors in the first half saw two goals being scored against us, however, the team fought hard to equalise, managing to level the score by half time. Unfortunately in the second half the defence struggled to distribute the ball as the forwards and links dropped their intensity both defensively and on attack. We didn’t work hard enough to gain possession and when we did, we gave it away too cheaply. A frustrating result, in what should have been a much closer contest.