Hockey results vs Springfield

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Another victory for the U14B team winning 4-0 against the opposing team, Springfield. Scoring a goal in the first 5 minutes and defending our goals was tough but we tried our best and worked as a team to win the game. Congratulations to Corina Austin for scoring a hat trick for the team and Danielle van Wyk for scoring one goal. Player of the match is awarded to Corina Austin for having an outstanding game and working hard in the strike line. Well done girls for a great team effort and a good team spirit.

Won 6-1
The U16A team knew they were up against a tough Springfield side and so were tentative as they started the game. Both teams had a few scoring opportunities, but the possession was dominated by the Wynberg side. At the end of the first half, Wynberg was up 1-0 and started the second half with new confidence. The team changed gears and began dominating every aspect of the game, scoring 6 goals in total. Michelle Boshoff claimed 3 of those, Jade Yardin slammed home 2 and Laretia Espach connected up with Michelle to complete a base-line set piece. Every player upped their game and played with intensity and belief. Here’s hoping this is the start of good things!

Saturday’s game against Springfield was a frustrating and a hard-fought match. In the first half our defense was not switched on and allowed Springfield to attack in our circle for the majority of the half and score twice.This led to us having a more aggressive attitude towards the game and our hunger to get the ball increased in the second half, along with a stronger counter-attack, which allowed us to dominate the rest of the game. Mention must be made of Jordan Louis, who scored twice to equalise, as well as to our forwards, who attacked strongly in the second half and made it their mission to get into Springfield’s circle and get past the goalie. Shout out to Mia Stock who defended with fierce tenacity. Despite many attacking opportunities in the second half, the winning goal eluded us. But we played well as a team and hopefully we can take the faults and skills we have learnt from this game, into the next half of the season.

Match postponed to term 3

On Saturday morning, the 2nd team played against Springfield. It was a very disjointed match for the second team as many of team members were writing entrance exams or sick. This meant that half of our team was comprised of girls from other teams. We had Ms Davids fill in as our coach and everyone was very excited to see her again.
In the first half Springfield took the lead, but we managed to equalise soon after with a great back-stick goal from Kelsey Lodewyk. Unfortunately, Springfield managed to score another goal, making the score 2-1, which was how the game ended. Despite being a bit disappointing, we realise that this was not a bad result due to the circumstances. Everyone coped well with playing in new positions and with new people. A huge thank you to all the girls who helped us out and filled in for all our missing players. All in all, it was a good game and everyone learnt a lot from it.

Our team had a fairly tough fixture this passed weekend. An extremely energized Springfield managed to get the better of the girls who suffered a 7-0 defeat to their opposition. As soon as we began conceding goals, the team quickly lacked in communication and teamwork. The girls have been training hard and will ensure that this bump in the road becomes a thought of the past. We look to bounce back even stronger next term!