Hockey vs Herschel

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1st Team

On Tuesday the 9th of June the first hockey team played a match against Herschel. The hockey played was of an excellent standard. The team was motivated and worked extremely hard, giving the Herschel team a shock and a run for their money. Despite the match being in the middle of exams the team thoroughly enjoyed the match and study break.

The team played an outstanding level of hockey and created such an incredible atmosphere on the field, the energy was electrifying and could even be felt from the side line. Wynberg’s efforts were clearly seen and they certainly gave it their all. The team made use of many opportunities, making great turnovers, leads and passes. There was constant talking on the field and encouragement throughout the game.

Although Wynberg seemed to play the better match, they unfortunately lost 2-0 to Herschel. In spite of the loss, the team were able to walk away with their heads held high, knowing that they worked extremely hard and have improved greatly. They are continuing to work on aspects of their game that will hopefully see the end of their next match result in a score that truly reflects the level at which they play and the performance of the team.

2nd Team

Wynberg 2nd team played against Herschel. It was a tough game having to defend most of the game. It was a good team effort but Wynberg lost 5-0 in the end.

3rd Team

On Friday the 22 May the 3rd team played a match against Herschel at Herschel. We learned from our previous game and worked well together as a team. Herschel scored the first goal. Wynberg came back with a goal scored by Bongi Tunce, set up by Kagiso Jantjies. We drew 1-1. Anne Hall was woman of the match and Jenna Higgs and Ceara Mullins shared the title ‘Spartan-of-the-match’.

Under 16A

On Saturday the u16A team played against Herschel. It was an extremely tough encounter as Herschel’s team includes many provincial players. Although the score at half time was 4-0 to Herschel, Isobel Evans did a great job keeping one of Herschel’s star players quiet. Unfortunately, just before half time Issy took a ball to the eyebrow and had to be rushed off to get stitches. The second half was even tougher and the team conceded 7 more goals, to finish the match 0 – 11. The girls gained valuable experience playing against such a well- structured team and are eager to get back to practice to implement the tactics they played against into their own game.

Under 16B

The u16B’s had an intense match against Herschel on Saturday. The girls all fought extremely hard and managed to prevent any goals against them despite a number of Herschel short corners. There were some great opportunities and lots of running but the match ended in a draw. Credit goes to Zara Ally who was awarded our player of the match.

Under 16C

On 23 May 2015 Wynberg U16/C played a hockey match against Herschel Girls’ High School U16/C. We unfortunately lost 6-0. Wynberg didn’t play their best during the first half and need to work on their fitness and defense.  In the second half the girls came back more determined to win but unfortunately didn’t score any goals whereas Herschel scored two. The player of the match goes to Kiara Roussouw.

Under 16 D

On Saturday, 23 May 2015, it was an anxiously awaited game that was filled with energy and good team spirit. The ball spent equal times on both sides of the field and ended with a draw of 0-0. Everyone on the team played really well and team work was prevalent. A good game all in all.

Under 16E

U16 E lost to Herschel 4-0. In the first half Wynberg defended very well. However, in the second half they were a bit overwhelmed. The goalie played well, she kept it together even when she was under a lot of pressure.

Under 14A

The U14A hockey team lost 5-0 to Herschel on Friday 22 May. On paper we knew this was going to be a tough game and tough it was. In the first half we struggled to keep any possession and defensively we always seemed outnumbered. At half time the team were 4-0 down and a bit demoralised. After an inspired talk by Ms Hudson-Winsor, the second half looked like we were watching a different team. Although we still spent a lot of the game in our defensive area we created some good scoring opportunities which unfortunately we did not convert. The girls played with more fight, they worked harder off the ball and started to support each other. One positive that came out of the game was that Herschel only scored one goal in the second half. Man of the match was Erin Bredekamp our goalkeeper, who made some fantastic saves to keep the score down. The team learnt some valuable lessons about never giving up, working harder, and playing for each other as a team. Heads high girls, as we move on to learn from our mistakes.

Under 14B

Result : 0-3 to Herschel

Hershel fielded a strong team to beat WGHS 3 nil at Wynberg. In addition to Herschel seeming like the stronger team, the girls also lost the focus and confidence that they had gained in their previous games. Had they maintained the same level of focus we could have potentially taken a draw, at the very least.

WGHS, however, did well to keep Hershel to 3 goals, as the Herschel attack was very confident on the ball. WGHS were kept busy in their own half for most of the game: the defenders and goal keeper having to work for the first time this season.  Herschel had many attempts on goal; not being able to convert those attempts was a combination of our own last minute defending efforts and Herschel’s surprising lack of execution. Jenna Mentor and Bilgees Benjamin worked hard to try and clear the goals, applying the last wave of pressure on the attack. Aurielle Goodchild-Brown, as our final defense, was commendable in goals, saving quite a few attempts.  We did not play our best game; we weren’t as focused as we could have been, but the girls never lost their fighting spirit even if they did lose their composure at times. All-in-all a learning experience if nothing else for the girls, which will hopefully lead to a greater sense of determination and commitment to get back to winning ways.