Holland Hockey Tour: Day 2 – reports from Holland

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Breakfast began at 7:30. An assortment of breads, salad, cereals, cold meats and chocolate sprinkles were served. The adults particularly loved the coffee machine. Most of us were well rested and were sported smiles.

We then went to explore the city of Alkmaar. The Bakker dropped us off at a market that was being held in an old fashioned shopping town. And lucky were we – the market only takes place once a year! However, it was cloudy and very chilly. It was four hours of shops upon shops upon shops. We tasted cheese and watched the goat auctions. We ate pancakes in the shape of balls, called poffertjies. And we definitely bought clothes and even shoes! We were then, truly in the Netherlands.

We arrived at the astroturf at 14:15. The team decided to relax in the bus and take a nap. By 16:00 we were warmed up and ready to play Kennemer College. The clouds went and the sun had come out. The astroturf was dry and did not allow the ball to bounce. We struggled to defend the middle of the field, but nevertheless, we still created many scoring opportunities. In the end we were the better team, winning 3-2. Everyone was delighted to win our first international match!

We returned to our castle stayokay, exhausted. Most of us showered, others slept and some went for walks. The coaches went for a run. Later in the day, some of us learnt a dance and made a music video in front of the castle. A few school campers also staying at the stayokay, joined in. The video will be released soon!
The satyokay served us the most amazing supper! Pasta, meatballs, sauce, soup, mushrooms and salad! We all went to bed with smiles and happy tummies.