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1st vs Pinelands

This was a fast-paced game, initiated by Wynberg’s business-like demeanour on the court. They put the Pinelands defence under pressure from that start and earned their first short corner soon after. Captain Stephanie Lopes-Stuart takes advantage to score a lightning-quick goal from top D.

Despite Pinelands’ effort to slow the game down, Jamie Southgate and Chelsea Manoek continued to take quick free hits from the back and ensured that their opponents could not settled. After some great attacking Steph scores a cracker of a goal off another shorty.

Sasha Sivertsen and Amina Williams applied fierce pressure on attack and would not allow the defenders to connect with their strongest player. They were rewarded with another short corner for their efforts. Sasha spotted an opening in the goals and blasted her flick through the defence to increase the lead to 3-0.

Well done to the team on a convincing win.


2nd team vs Tableview

The Wynberg 2nd team, under the captaincy of Valeshka Harkhu and Tamsyn Gaynor, were always in control of this game against Tableview’s 1st Team and after applying the pressure and earning 3 short corners, Tamsyn, Aaminah Domingo and Maree Petersen connected up to open the scoring. The team kept this pressure up throughout the game and were unlucky not to score more goals. Tamsyn scored a beautiful goal from a short corner to put Wynberg in a comfortable lead, while Valeshka was dominant at the top of her defensive circle to keep out the Tableview strikers. Aaminah and Kayla Morgan put strong pressure on the Tableview defenders and Amber-Rose Bailey initiated a number of strong counter-attacks throughout the game, ensuring that Wynberg were victorious.


 3rd Team 

Wynberg Girls’ 3rd team played against Pinelands 2nd team. It was a very tough game but we scored one goal and that was by Lauren Gilbert. The defenders worked hard against Pinelands’ strong forwards and put up a good fight. By the end of the game the final score was 5-1 to Pinelands. Ultimately an action-packed game was enjoyed by all!

Rachel Lassen