Indoor Hockey Results

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On Wednesday the 4th March Wynberg played intense and competitive hockey against St Cyprians and Reddam at the Pinelands indoor hockey courts.

1st Team 

The first team played against St Cyprians and the game started off with an instant goal after great build up from Jamie Southgate and Sasha Sivertsen with Amina Williams taking the shot in the first seconds of the match. St Cyprians fought back and scored a goal shortly after this. The focus was brought back by Stephanie Lopes-Stuart and Sasha Sivertsen. Not long afterwards Jamie scored off a beautiful deflection by a short corner lined up by Sasha. The team made use of yet another short corner when Steph scored with a flick straight into the right corner. Leaving the final score of 4-2. The match was very intense and fast-paced, certainly a very exciting game. The team played well together and made great leads and passes.

2nd Team 

The second team played against Reddam’s first team. The match was very intense and the team held them off bravely. They played the game with perseverance and determination with some good attacking runs. They didn’t manage to score in their short corner opportunities but will certainly pick it up and work hard on them for next week. Wynberg had a few short corners against them and Valeshka Harkhu played an excellent game saving all the balls that were shot at goals, one could see she was determined not to concede any goals. The final score was a 0-0 draw.

3rd Team

Wynberg’s third team played against St Cyprians’ second team. It was the last game of the season for them and they went out with a positive result, the final score was 3-3. Wynberg scored the first goal taking the lead. St Cyprians scored shortly afterwards but moments later Gabby Makohliso scored another two goals. St Cyprians also scored another two goals just after Wynberg’s but in the end of the game it turned out to be well played by all players with good defending and attacking, which was a good way to end the season.

4th Team

The fourth team also played their last game of their indoor season and played against St Cyprians’ third team. The game started off with a great shot at the goals with taking full advantage of St Cyprians’ kicking back instead of a goal keeper. With one goal to them, the fourth side felt more confident. St Cyprians fought back to even the score board and both sides stepped up their game. The game was passionately played and some good skills were shown from Wynberg’s fourth team. By the end of the game the fourth side won their first match, ending the season off with a bang and achieving their goals which they set at the beginning of the warm up. Players’ individual goals were also met and they ended with a triumphant finish.