Indoor Hockey vs Herschel

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1st team vs Herschel

Wynberg went on the attack the minute the starting whistle went and put a powerful Herschel team under pressure. The Wynberg team were unable to take advantage of this early in the game which allowed Herschel to recover, earning a short corner. Despite some resilient Wynberg defending, Herschel drew first blood and scored the opening goal.

The Wynberg defence continued to hold steady, creating some aggressive turn-over ball which resulted in a break-away attack down the right, with Sasha Sivertsen carrying the ball over the line from an accurate cross to even the score at 1-1!

Herschel upped their game again to rebound back into the game and score again, which just inspired the Wynberg team to keep pressurising to earn a short corner. Stephanie Lopes-Stuart scored a great goal off the short corner to level the scores at 2-2.

The game continued at break-neck pace with both sides looking dangerous, but the Herschel short corner combination was lethal as they score an incredible deflection goal over Valeshka Harkhu’s head. 3-2 Herschel.

In a high risk move to try equalise in the last 3 minutes, Wynberg took their keeper off and added an extra player into the mix. Although the Wynberg side pushed hard to try equalise, the Herschel side counter-attacked to earn a short corner. Logan Patel, playing kicking back, pulled off a monster save with her feet and parried a rebound attempt, but it not enough and Herschel snuck one in to win 2-4.

A great spectacle of indoor hockey skills and passion. Well done!

2nd team vs Herschel

The 2nd Team were overwhelmed by a fast, fit and polished Herschel team who took advantage of every attacking short corner to deflect a number of goals in past the keeper. Once the Wynberg team start to play solid basic hockey and focus more on their flat-stick tackles, they look more composed and manage to create a few more attacking opportunities. 2nd Team captain, Chelsea Manoek, made a break and found the back of the box after a massive run from her defensive half! Many lessons learnt in this 1-7 loss, but the team will bounce back next week!