Induction of 2010 Leaders

On the 26th of October 2009 the students of Wynberg Girls’ High, as well as proud parents gathered in the Aileen Currie Hall for the Induction of the Leaders of 2010. Excitement and nerves pulsed through the newly elected leaders as the members of the Representative Council of Learners, Matric Leaders and the School Council walked up onto stage to receive their signed pledge and badge.

In a simple and moving ceremony in which the school and guests were welcomed by Ms Lawrence, and addressed by Mrs Harding, there was little doubt that excellence is what Wynberg is, and that it remains the task of the current leaders and students to honour and perpetuate that heritage. The leaders of our 125th year have been fine role models: they worked hard, well and made the year unforgettable. An inspiring speech from the new head of school, Nicola Suttle, left no doubt in any minds that the leaders of 2010 were going to give of their best to ensure that Wynberg’s 126th year was to going to equal, if not better Wynberg’s 125th year celebration. We wish them well in their term of office.

After the ceremony, parents, staff and leaders of 2010 enjoyed a lunch together prepared by Shirley Cartmel. For just a moment in that proud day, they could celebrate the occasion together.