Induction of 2015-2016 Leaders

On 15 September, the 2015-2016 leaders of the school were officially inducted. It is always a very moving occasion and is filled with a number of conflicting emotions as we bid farewell to the outgoing leaders and welcome the new. Those who have served the school dress their counterparts in their newly-braided blazers and scrolls and leadership badges are given to them by the teachers with whom they work as part of their formal introduction to the school and guests.

This year, as guests assembled in the hall they enjoyed performances from some of the best musicians in our Music Department. They were officially welcomed by Melissa McCarthy, Deputy Head of the school. Zolisa Kapa, as Chair of the RCL, led the devotions, which were followed by Mrs S Harding’s address. Drawing on some of the lessons learnt at a Principals’ Conference she recently attended in Helsinki, the staff book club and the writings of  Dr Seuss she reminded leaders of the importance of honouring the humanity they served. Dr Seuss she said, said a similar thing in another way: A person’s a person, no matter how small. In closing, she told us of a Finnish word she had learnt in Helsinki – “Sisu” which means resilience, perserverance/determination and reminded them that they would need “sisu”

Not everything,” she said, “will be easy and you will need tenacity to find the correct way to get things done, while honouring the people you serve.”  

This was followed by the induction of the Hostel Leaders, the RCL, the Heads of Houses and their Matric Leaders, the Head of Communication and the Heads of the four Pillars and the Head of School. As the first duty of her term of office, she was invited to address the school. Lara took the opportunity to tell an African tale and reminded people to celebrate what was different, unique about themselves. The service culminated with the singing of the school song, and parents, leaders and staff meeting for a light finger lunch.