Interact gets down to Earth

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To celebrate International Earth day, coming up on April 22 Interacters made Earth crayons.

By melting different colours of old crayons into a mould, Interacters made round crayons. These will be donated to Tenterden, Place of Safety, as many children there do not have any stationery. Who can imagine a childhood without the lessons gained from the simple act of drawing or “colouring in” – whether they are lessons rooted in the joy of self expression, the delights of colour recognition or the potency they provide us as our red anger explodes onto a page, or the cool blue sea is created, or suns are obliterated with the angry black scribbling!

As much as we enjoyed making these crayons for our young friends at Tenterden, we hope that they will derive joy from using them. Certainly we, through this experience, will remember Earth day and hope that they will open up conversations of this world we share.