Interact Induction

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The time has come around again to bid farewell to the old Interact committee, and welcome a new one to make their mark! On Monday the 3rd of August, Wynberg Rotaract held their annual Interact Induction for the six schools under their district, one of which was WGHS.

All the former presidents gave feedback on the past year; speaking about the fun they had at their events and sessions, and imparted some pearls of wisdom to their new committees. While they were talking, a slideshow played, showing their favourite moments from the year; like interact camp, Uncle Paul’s Christmas Party, Constantia fun day and many others.

Our club was thrilled to be awarded a Presidential Citation, an internationally recognised award for our clubs’ achievements in various areas.

The new committee consists of Lara Harris and Huda Ely as co-presidents, Kayla Garcia, Yusrah Soeker, Amarah Dawood, Hannah Guthrie, Abby Anderton, Kendra Peterson and Zaakiya Khan. We are excited to see everything they do in the upcoming year and wish them all the best!

Following is the co-president’s vision for the year ahead:
Driven by the beauty and power of true community service, our goal for 2016 is to make the Interact Society aware of how far a difference can go.

We want to inspire the girls to seize opportunities that open doors to positive change. Our target is to do more in areas where a great difference can be made. In doing so, we will veer out into new communities that need new change and work closely with the members of Wynberg Rotaract.

We want to expose the girls to experiences that are spiritually-rewarding. The annual projects that our society and the Service Pillar are involved in lay down the platform for these experiences. Our aim is to create a sense of encouragement that boosts the confidence of each member to take on these offers.

We want each member to focus on creating a sustainable difference in the lives of others. The state of the world and human beings will not improve if action is not taken. This year, we will strive to promote a mindset of long-term possibilities and changes that will make sustainability second nature to each member.

As the joint Presidents of the Interact Society for 2016, we have made it our mission to instil in each Interactor, the need to preserve humanity.