Interactors make “Learning Boxes”

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On 6 May, Wynberg Girls’ Interact made, what they call, “Learning boxes”.  The box consists of two parts and contains crafts to help stimulate a school-going child between the ages of 5 to 8 years old. These extra educational activities are vital for a child’s development and are sorely lacking in underprivileged communities.

The first part is made on the lid of the box: on the top of each lid is an image of a shoe with shoe laces attached to it. Its purpose is to teach children how to tie their shoe laces. This idea was suggested by past Interact president, Jade Marx. The second part is made on the base of the box. Using split pins and detachable hands, the girls designed clock faces to help children learn to tell the time.  The boxes are filled with hand-made jigsaw puzzles, which the girls made last year, and  picture books from earlier this term to comprise the full “learning box”.