Introducing Wynberg leaders of 2018…

At a very special assembly in The Honours Quad on Friday afternoon, the leaders of 2018 were announced to the school. We congratulate them and wish them an inspired and rich journey during their term of office.


Head of School Aqilah Regal
Head of Communications Tamiya Safodien
Head of Academics Sarah Abrahams
Head of Culture Bella Draper
Head of Service Abby Anderton
Head of Sport Maree Petersen
Head of Apsley Kayla Arendse
 Matric Leader Summa Heald DF
 Matric Leader Ceris Gertson AW
 Matric Leader Peighton Barth MV
 Matric Leader Alexandra Johnson JB
Head of Cavanagh Jessica Austin
 Matric Leader Zoe Sasman DP
 Matric Leader Jessica Virgin NS
 Matric Leader Juliet Killick SG
 Matric Leader Tsholofelo Mangadi ST
Head of Constantia Chelsea van Heerden
 Matric Leader Laurelle Bailey NF
 Matric Leader Sibongile Mtegha BP
 Matric Leader Aashiqah Regal OA
 Matric Leader Ketra Boer DN
Head of Copenhagen Kendra Petersen
 Matric Leader Isabelle Meyer LR
 Matric Leader Kezra Cairns NM
 Matric Leader Karen Roodman LW
 Matric Leader Caitlyn Meyer SF
Head of Kirsten Rethabile Makoetlane
 Matric Leader Ashleigh Cozett SP
 Matric Leader Hajira Lockhat KP
 Matric Leader Thameenah Abrahams AH
 Matric Leader Zoe Poole GJ
Head of Silverlea Bhavika Kalan
 Matric Leader Farahana Smailovic DM
 Matric Leader Celine Bailey JN
Matric Leader  Kelsey Lodewyk TS
 Matric Leader Helena Veysey YM
Head of Waterloo Yumna Ederies
 Matric Leader Sarah Williams HN
 Matric Leader Jenna Grey CU
 Matric Leader Amaarah Sadan PB
 Matric Leader Laila Manie FB
Head of Wellesley Ashara Pather
 Matric Leader Okwetu Mabusela HL
Matric Leader  Zayyaan Esau PD
 Matric Leader Joy Espach VM
 Matric Leader Jade de Keijzer NL
Head of Hostel Sibongile Mtegha
Deputy Heads of Hostel Khanya Lujabe Stacey Mboyane
Head of Grade 11 – 2018 Alive Somaguda
Head of Grade 10 – 2018 Rebecca Franklin
Head of Grade 9 – 2018 Sinazo Kwatsha
Head of Grade 8 – 2018 Summa Heald
Head of Termly Boarders Thembi Basson
Grade 12 – 2018 Jade de Villiers Jenna Grey Aqilah Regal
Grade 11 – 2018 Kayla Barnes Hannah Davids Erin Harris
Grade 10 – 2018 Faith April Mia Grace Rabecca Rooy
Grade 9 – 2018 Almaas Bailey Margarita Charitou Danielle van Wyk