Invitation to participate in hand and needlecraft workshop 27 June – 1 July

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Craft Workshop_edited-1Good Hope quilters guild is a group of 270 creative women and girls of all ages. We are spread far and wide in the Western Cape. We want the youth in the area to have the opportunity to experience handcraft and needle craft under the guidance of experienced teachers.

These workshops will run during the first week of the school holidays and we are hoping to influence the students into wanting to learn and create more. We shall be holding the workshops at Wynberg Girls’ High School in their Ballet Hall and Technology classroom.

The workshops will run from Monday the 27th of June to Friday the 1st of July.

The morning sessions will be from 9.30 to approximately 12.30 and the afternoon sessions will be from 1.30 to approximately 4.30pm.
 There are two full day workshops which involve sewing machine stitching. For a student to participate in these classes, they will need to bring their own sewing machine (or mum’s) and be able to use it confidently. There will be too many students to begin teaching them how to use their machine.

All classes will include a kit and a few will require the student to bring something extra of their own from home.

Tea/coffee/rooibos and fruit juice with biscuits will be served during the class.

To find out more about the workshops, please follow the link and look on the right of the home page at the events calendar.