It doesn’t get more exciting than this: nail-biting finish at U16A Interschools Hockey!

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It doesn’t get more exciting than this! Narrowly beaten by Rustenburg at the U16 PSGGU tournament: not on games, not on goal differences but on the number of goals scored only!

The U16A hockey girls felt that they were well-prepared for PGSGU inter-schools hockey tournament that took place on Saturday 9 September at Wynberg Girls’ High School. They played well in all their games and stayed in the running for a first place finish, right up until the very last game against Sans Souci! Both Wynberg and Rustenburg teams were sitting on equal points by the time the final game finished and the result then had to be measured by goal difference. That too was equal with both teams on a goal difference of 6. SO it went down to goals for each. This time, Rustenburg had scored 2 more goals than Wynberg, which meant that we ended 2nd and Rustenburg were the deserving winners. We were happy regardless, because we encouraged each other and had fun overall . The vibe on and off the field was amazing and hearing the Wynberg Girls and parents supporting us on the side of the field made us proud and happy to play for our school and for each other. This was a great end to a great season.