It takes a village to raise a child … or a campus of schools

We received the following tribute to the Wynberg Campus of Schools from Joan Stokes upon her hearing that Carla had just received a distinction for her Grade 7 Royal School of Music exam  (on the Tenor Saxophone):

We know the proverb about it takes a village to raise a child – I have discovered that “It takes a campus to raise a musician”.

Carla’s music career started at the age of 8 in Grade 2 at WGJS playing the recorder with Mrs Halkett. She progressed to the Clarinet with Miss Stalling in Grade 3 and joined her ensembles at WGJS and Beau Soleil. She had the honour of playing with the Beau Soleil ensemble at her wedding! Miss Field taught her the rudiments of the piano and, although never her first love, she has kept up with her lessons.

She continued studying the clarinet with Miss Stalling up till school Grade 8 and then changed to Justin Carter. Carla’s Dad bought her the Tenor Sax at the end of that year, and she started lessons with Basil Raad. Miss Franke, Mr Claassen, Mr Bolton and Miss Pearce have all been piano and other music subject teachers. Miss Pearce is now her clarinet and saxophone teacher as well. I must also mention Mr Peter Catzavelos from WBHS whose Concert Band she has been in since Grade 6 and has been taught much about music by him.

Mr Saayman was her first and only theory teacher – the subject which has been driven by tears, tantrums and triumphs!

She is being entered for the Grade 8 Clarinet exam with Trinity College in October this year.

Her application for BMus at UCT for next year has been submitted and we hope for the best.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Wynberg Campus of Schools’ Music and Cultural Departments for the outstanding tuition and direction you have given to Carla. I attach a photo of her age 8 with her big sister Liza (also a Wynberg Girl) who is explaining something about the recorder.

Carla learning about the recorder