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On the 26 July, fifteen Wynberg Girls piled into the school bus and made their way to DF Malan in Belville to take on the Hip2B2 science challenge. The challenge works to nurture high school students’ love for Science and encourage them to take Maths and Science in matric. It focuses on changing the way students see learning and studying, believing that through hard work and good choices at school, you may make your dreams reality.  Hip2B2 was founded by Mark Shuttleworth: an entrepreneur, philanthropist and the first African who made it into space!

Inspired by the works of Hip2b2‘s founder, and the energy exuded from all other schools that were in attendance ( such as Islamia College, DF Malan and Paul Roos Gymnasium) Wynberg girls were ready to put their brains to work and try their best to make it to the finals! After some photos were taken, we sang Wynberg Iyabulala to scare off the competition and then all got our free boxes of Pronutro which became the source of many jokes throughout the day.

The first challenge was to make your own recipe of Pronutro. While both Wynberg Girls worked tirelessly perfecting and tweaking their recipe after many taste tries, everyone found it very funny that Islamia College won best recipe as they were all fasting and none of them could taste their recipe! It must have taken great skill to work without tasting and to still produce a winning flavour.

Next, we all sat down for some Maths problems that confused even the best mathematicians. Algebra, trigonometry and some creative thinking all came into play to work out the answers the fastest- who said we don’t need algebra for the real world?!

Other challenges were to make a dome out of straws and corks, some more math problems and at the end it came down to a race as to who could hand their answers in the fastest to make it into the finals. While Wynberg gave it their absolute best, and it was a very close call at the end, we unfortunately did not make it into the finals of the competition. With our spirits dampened, we patiently waited for the finals challenge to be announced. In order to be crowned champion, the teams in the finals had to construct a car that worked on air pressure, and make sure their car was the fastest to cross the finish line. We watched each race, and then waited until prize giving was over.

Hungry, exhausted and cold we all had to wait inside for the crazy Cape Town rain to pass! In the end, we pulled our blazers over our heads and ran as fast as we could to the bus, into which we jumped laughing and screaming as we were all soaked! Stuck in traffic, we passed the time by playing music, singing and thinking quite a bit. the long bus ride back did not seem to take 60 minutes, but much less.

We definitely had an amazing time, and look forward to next year to go back and show the rest of Cape Town and South Africa what Wynberg is capable of.

Wynberg Iyabulala!

Layla Kimmie (11R)