It’s no longer a secret…

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Secrets 2015Some of you might be award that Ms Glover has been working on an exciting new dramatic work from British dramatist Fin Kennedy’s The Urban Girl’s guide to Camping. Fin Kennedy, and the school with whom he works, Mulberry School for Girls, are described as one of the best writer/education partnerships and one of the best companies at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“Stolen Secrets” has its origin in the experiences of the girls attending this school.  It takes the form of a series of five dramatic performance poems each developed from suggestions placed within specially-designed secret boxes placed around the school. The author, director and cast would empty the boxes in rehearsal and identify potential starting points for stories that had arisen within the school’s community. And so Ms Glover and our drama department are exploring the secrets emerging from

A pillow fight on a tower block roof.

A mother and daughter afraid of the truth.

A sickly smell in the twilight air.

A speechless girl with blood in her hair.

Don’t miss this exciting show being performed for two nights only on 13 and 15 May.