Jazz Band performs at Artscape

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The jazz band performed at the Artscape theatre on 22 August in the Brass Extravaganza. It was a bitter sweet event as it was the matric’s official last jazz band performance. It was an afternoon filled with spectacular music by some of the best musicians in Cape Town and concerts such as this are always a good experience for the girls as they witness brilliant performances in their relative instruments. Nothing beats the look of awe on their faces and you know they have become so motivated and encouraged to grow musically. Bands in attendance included Wellington Big Band, Santam District Six Big band and the highly acclaimed Delft Big Band (with whom our teacher, Dayna Pearce performed).

Our jazz band performed 4 songs and performed with the mass band which again is an enriching experience for young musicians and we are all grateful for the many platforms these concerts have provided us. Some of the girls even ran into our old band leader Basil Raad and it was nice to see her again. Ultimately it was a fun and exciting afternoon.