Joyous and Inspirational celebration at Marimba Jam Festival 2017

What a fabulous celebration of sound, energy and spirit there was at the second Marimba Jam, where more than 200 learners performed at the Joseph Stone Auditorium in Athlone. Apart from the professional company, Marimba Jam (and the teachers of our learners), participating schools included Springfield Convent, Wynberg Girls’ High and Junior Schools, St Cyprian’s School and Chris Hani Secondary.

Kiara Ramklass’s original vision in establishing this vibrant, female-driven company sprang from an initiative created to share the joy of playing marimbas with learners who had not had the opportunity to. She hoped to give learners a means of expression through rhythm and music, and its thrust was to promote cultural and social harmony. Now, MARIMBA JAM is a company involved in both performing and teaching, and strives to continue to enrich students with the energy and enjoyment of Marimba music.

What testimony the evening was to the talent, leadership and vision extraordinary past pupils of Wynberg. Amongst the past pupils associated with Marimba Jam apart from Kiara are Amira Ramklass, Sinako Bovana, Sixolile Beja and Rachel Suttle. Performing as guest artists at this gig were Lauren McDonald on the Violin and Dimpho Fatman on Vocals.

While each of the bands provided much delight, the vibrant joyful spirit of the mass bands, where schools across the peninsula played together, was inspirational.