Launching the Wynberg Girls’ High fitness challenge!

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The Sports Pillar launched the first ever WGHS Fitness Challenge on Tuesday 8 August. Every tutor group had to provide a different participant for each of the 4 rounds. After every round, 8 tutor groups were eliminated.

Round 1 required learners to do as many sit-ups in 5 minutes as possible. This challenge was won by Meghan Louw who completed 219 sit-ups. Round 2 took place in the gym on Tuesday 15 August and the 24 remaining participants were tasked with doing as many burpees as possible in 5 minutes. Congratulations to Jade Yardin for completing 114 burpees in the given time. On Friday 18 August, the 16 remaining tutor groups had to once again, provide a different participant to complete round 3 of the WGHS Fitness Challenge. Corina Austin completed 130 commandos in 5 minutes in order to win round 3.

The fourth and final round of the challenge, took place in the gym on Tuesday 22 August. The remaining 8 tutor groups and one teacher per house pushed themselves to very limit as they tried to hold plank for as long as possible. The atmosphere was electric and the encouragement for all the participants was immense. Congratulations to the top “plankers” from round 4:

Joint 4th place – Simone Neethling and Qailah Daniels
3rd place – Amina Williams
2nd place – Mr Saayman
1st place – Ms Stapelberg

Congratulations to tutor group DF for being the overall winner of the WGHS Fitness Challenge. Every participant, from round 1 through to round 4, tried their utmost  and for this, everyone must be commended. The determination shown by many learners was quite amazing. An awareness of fitness has definitely been created at WGHS and this is a most inspiring prospect

A big thank you to the Heads of Houses and the Sports Committee for making the challenge a success. Hopefully this will be the first of many fitness challenges at Wynberg!

Katherine Nicholls