2017 Leaders’ Induction Ceremony

Thursday 29 September marked the date of the official induction of the new school leaders of 2016-2017. Although many of the new leaders had already been hard at work while the matrics were writing exams in preparation for their final examinations, it marked the formal shift of leadership, and was a very exciting event for all.

The prestigious event began with the singing of the national anthem. Ms McCarthy, our Deputy Principal, gave a warm welcome to the audience members, thanking them for taking the time to support the newly-inducted leaders by attending the special occasion. Chloë Johnson,  Chairperson of the Representative Council of Learners for 2017 took to the podium to read the devotions, reminding everyone to be thankful for every opportunity they are given.  This was followed by an address by Mrs Harding, the principal, who described the ceremony as the beginning of a new chapter for Wynberg and included a few lessons for the incoming leaders in the form of quotes from the works of Dr Seuss.

The induction process included the 2016 school leaders dressing their counterparts in newly-braided blazers, symbolising a handover of the duties and responsibilities associated with their respective leadership positions. Each of the new leaders then received a badge and scroll from the teacher responsible for their portfolio, and paused for just a moment as they reflected on the responsibility given to them.

The first group to be inducted were the hostel leaders. Once each leader had received her blazer, badge and scroll, she stood in front of the assembled group as a pledge was read by Sisipho Dingeni, Head of Hostel for 2017. The next group to be inducted were the democratically-elected members of the RCL, with three students representing each grade. The three Matric representatives for 2017 received their braided blazers and then joined the other members for the reading of the pledge by Chloë Johnson. The next groups to be inducted were the Matric Leaders and Heads of each of the eight houses, the Head of Communications and the Heads of the Academic, Sport, Culture and Service pillars and, finally, the Head of School for 2017.

As her first task as Head of School, Jessica Stephens was invited to address the school. In her speech she outlined her vision for the upcoming year and wished the new leaders nothing but success. She took the opportunity to thank the outgoing leaders for their guidance and service to the school and used an analogy to explain that everyone, regardless of whether they hold a leadership position or not, has the ability to make a difference in their school. Her speech ended with a resolution: a promise to work together to make the upcoming year a year to remember and to lead the school with pride in 2017.

The ceremony came to an end with the singing of the school song and the newly inducted leaders exited the hall, joining their parents, teachers and grade 12 counterparts for continued celebrations and congratulations.

2017 Leadership Induction