Learning to love the complexity of our City’s rock and mountain formations

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On Tuesday 26 September the Grade 10 Geography students went on an excursion to Signal Hill, Sea Point, Camps Bay and Hout Bay. Despite the cold temperatures and cloudy skies in the morning, we enjoyed our time studying the geomorphological history of Cape Town.

Around 12:00, when we were allowed to have our break in Camps Bay, the sun came through and added a more blissful atmosphere. This reminded us that the holidays are around the corner.

Outings like these often remind us of how beautiful and large our city is – from its rich rock history and formation of boulders and monuments, to the scenic drive from Camps Bay to Hout Bay. Both we and our teachers could definitely say that as much as you think you know about Cape Town, you haven’t seen it all.

This outing opened our eyes to the complexity of the formation of rocks and mountains. We are extremely fortunate to be able to go on these school trips and see these features first hand and in detail.

This is definitely an outing to look forward to for those who are yet to take Geography as a subject.

Hannah Davids