Lessons to learn and achievements to celebrate – Netball vs Settlers High

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NetballU16B report
 WGHS’s U16B netball team played a fun and exciting match against Settlers High School.   Despite quite a few stepping errors were made it is impossible to deny that the girls played a strong and consistent game throughout the match. The girls should be very proud of their result. With a half time score of 5-3 to Wynberg,the team continued their positive play and ended with an 11-8 win over Settlers. A great start to the second half of the season!
U16A report 
The WGHS U16A had a difficult match against Settlers. The Wynberg girls started with determination and played their hearts out. However, the WGHS team made quite a few unforced errors which did create some frustration. The half time score was 5-3 to Settlers. The girls came back with a bang in the second half, roused by some real cheering from the other teams. With two minutes to go, the score was even at 12-12 . Unfortunately, Settlers scored a final goal in these two minutes and Wynberg did not have another scoring opportunity.  The final score was 13-12 to Settlers. Well done to the U16A team who showed great tenacity.
U14B report 
The U14B’s won their game against Settlers 10-5. Despite a good win, the girls definitely need to improve in some areas and will try to do so before their next match. Many of the girls improved their performance as the match went on, specifically the shooters. It was  good win for the start of the season but the girls will aim to do even better next time.

U19A report
The U19A match started off on a weak note with unnecessary mistakes and little communication. After half time, with a score of 20-3 to Settlers High School, the team pulled through by passing and shooting more accurately and improving their defence.  Jessica Petersen and Lupiwe Poswa definitely stood out due to their excellent play. After a very well played fourth quarter, the final score was 26-19 to Settlers. Although Wynberg did not win, the team came back from a disappointing first half with a bang and really upgraded their performance in the second half.

U19B report
The U19Bs first game of the third term was a little rocky against Settlers High School. A few mistakes were made occasionally but during the first half WGHS managed to keep the score at 8-6 to Settlers. In the second half however, the girls started falling behind despite their positive spirit.  Although the score ended 15-8 to Settlers High, the girls played hard and plan to take the next game with full force.

U15 report
The WGHS U15 netball girls played a lovely game against Settlers High School. Despite Settlers winning the toss, WGHS did a wonderful job at intercepting many of their passes. The shooters played brilliantly, scoring 24 goals in 15 minutes. This resulted in a half time score of 24-2 to Wynberg. In the second half,, the girls were moved around and tried some new positions. They their of their best and the end score was 44-3 for Wynberg. The player of the match goes to Ruby Behrens. Well done girls for your hard work!