Let the Games Begin- The Athena Games 2015

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Competing in teams of four, consisting of two girls and two boys each from Wynberg Girls’ and Wynberg Boys’ respectively,  84 learners took part in the annual Athena Games on 15 April. Once again, it was most certainly a worthwhile event! The games were great as the subjects ranged from Life Sciences to Geography, allowing for everyone to display their skills. The support for one’s own team and the enthusiasm for each activity were evident, creating an exciting atmosphere in the hall at Wynberg Boys’ High School.

The night began with a warm welcome from the academic committees from both schools, followed by the formation of the teams. Then, in true Hunger Games spirit, the games began! Following a circuit of eleven games, each team had ten minutes at each station to complete a task. These were all varied, including having to identify places on a world map, spelling difficult Afrikaans words correctly and completing as many magic squares as possible in the allocated time. It was amazing to see how the team members all worked together, considering some of them had never even met before the night. It was a clear demonstration of how academics can be a way to have fun and meet new people. From the perspective of an organiser, watching each team puzzle their way through the different challenges, utterly engrossed in their tasks, was amazing.

At the end of the 11 tasks, points were tallied, and the award for best dressed was given to Jessica Lee and Robyn Minnie, for their clever portrayal of ‘girls on fire’.  After a dramatic pause, the winning team, consisting of Rebecca Bredekamp, Sonja Stock, Nathan Wylie and Vincent Warrin, were called up to the stage, where they received vouchers for Cavendish Square.  However, their competition was not yet over, as they then participated in a sudden death round of trivia questions.  While they all did exceptionally well in answering the questions, ultimately Sonja Stock won, earning herself the title of ‘Athena Games Victor for 2015’ and a custom 3D-printed mockingjay pin.

The Athena Games promised to be lots of fun and the participants were by no means disappointed.  A massive thank you goes to all of the staff and students, from both Wynberg Boys’ and Girls’, who helped organise the Athena Games and make it such a success.

By Meg Anderton and Nicole Wentzel