Life Sciences Outing to Kirstenbosch

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On the 17th March, the Grade 10’s of 2015 went on a Life Sciences outing to the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. A great sense of excitement could be felt all through the bus ride. Once we reached our destination, we were split up into our groups and led off into different directions to have an outside lesson about the various biomes found in the Western Cape. The interactive lesson taught us a lot about the different temperatures and rainfall amounts in the biomes. We were also given worksheets to fill in with a partner.

We were then led out into the Gardens. The educators took us on a short walk often stopping to inform and explain the various trees and plants along the way (and to make sure the girls could keep up and catch their breath). Once we had gone through all the biomes they had taught us previously, we were given a short break during which we were allowed to eat our lunch and fill in our worksheets.

The day went by so quickly: many girls took hundreds of selfies to remember the day. Overall the day was extremely informative and enjoyable.

-Juliette Austin