Lip Sync Battle – a smash hit!

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lip syncFor the past two weeks, the talk at Wynberg has been about the Lip Sync Battle which was initially scheduled to take place on 8 May, but due to load shedding, was postponed to Tuesday 19 May. During break, the hall was filled with excited faces, all waiting to see what the houses had put together.

Hosted by Copenhagen, the Lip Sync Battle was intended to serve as a fun inter-house challenge where girls could release their inner divas, before the start of exams. All eight houses battled against each other using lip sync as their weapon to outdo each other. Each house was allowed to perform a two minute section of a song of their choice. The crowd went wild, watching renditions of Single Ladies, Dear Future Husband and Treasure, among others, being performed. The challenge was judged by our four pillar heads based on song choice, support from the audience and overall stage performance. Well done to Silverlea and Kirsten who came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively and huge congratulations to Wellesley who claimed the title of Lip Sync Champions 2015 with their Glee Time Warp performance!

All the houses put in so much effort, making the challenge a huge success. It provided a good laugh, and was entertaining to take part in. From the costumes, to the girls “singing” their hearts on stage, and the roaring audience, the Lip Sync Battle was not one to be missed. Thank you to all who made this challenge possible and for your support.