Listen to our latest podcast as leaders of 2016 and aspiring leaders of 2017 discuss the leadership system at the school

wynberggirlsThe third term is always an emotionally demanding one: it is the term in which applications for the positions of leadership for the following year become available to the Grade Elevens. TyraLee Nel 2016 Head of Culture, chairs a discussion on the leadership system at Wynberg Girls’ High School with a number of leaders from 2016 and a number of applicants for 2017.

In discussion with her are Grade 11 aspirant leaders Robyn van Dam, Juliet Stromin and Stacey Goliath and 2016 leaders, Lara Harris, Head of School; Meg Anderton, Head of Academics; Casey Valentine, Head of Wellesley and Asanda  Masoka Deputy Chair of the RCL.