Maths Week 2013

Monday, March 11, marked the beginning of this year’s epic Mathematics Week. The theme for this week was phi, the Golden Ratio, a fitting theme for our Golden School. During Monday’s assembly the theme was introduced to the school, as well as an explanation of how the Golden Ratio can be applied to everyday aspects of our lives, for example, in the beauty of the human face. Doctor Marquardt’s mask, designed using the Golden Ratio to fit the perfect face, is an example of this. Posters made by the Academic Committee decorated the school, explaining further applications of phi, including music, architecture and nature.

During the week, tutor groups were busy working on maths-related posters to put up on their doors and completing their maths booklets. The winning tutor group in each competition has been selected and will receive chocolates on Monday morning.

The Athena Society prepared for Pi Day on Thursday by baking cupcakes on Wednesday. This was a fun, relaxed meeting, where girls who were new to baking learnt valuable skills and old-hands helped and laughed with their friends. The cupcakes were sold on Thursday to raise funds towards the Academic Outreach society, to help pay for the transportation of girls from Zimasa who come to Wynberg to receive extra tuition from our girls in maths and English.

An inter-house Maths Competition took place during assembly on Thursday. Two representatives from each house battled with logic and maths questions, with the entire school looking on and joining in the excitement, cheering for their friends and trying to work out the answers for themselves. A pi reciting competition followed during second break on Pi Day, with the winner reaching 218 digits!

This has been an incredibly successful week and has opened the eyes of many girls to the fun, real-life side of the maths we’re so often usually only exposed to in “must get marks” situations. Maths week might be over, but the appreciation of the necessity and intrigue of mathematics will never end.