Maths Week 2013 – Phi, the Golden Ratio

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Wynberg Girls High is celebrating Maths Week again in 2013, and this year Maths Week at Wynberg has a theme: phi, the Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is an incredibly intriguing mathematical concept, and has applications in so many aspects of the world around us- from architecture, to music, to the beauty of a human face!

Not only will our girls be learning about phi, but they will also be able to get involved in all of the fun activities going on this week:

  • Girls can get involved in their tutor groups and make a maths-related poster to display on their tutor group door, or complete the fun maths booklet that each tutor group has.


  •  Wednesday: Girls can meet in the dem room after school to bake cupcakes. There are only 24 spaces available and they need to bring their own ingredients and things to decorate the cupcakes according to the theme of pi. The girls may take some cupcakes home, but most of them are going to be sold on Thursday and the proceeds will be going towards our Academic Outreach society, to fund the transport of girls from Zimasa to our school in order to be tutored in Maths and English.


  • Thursday is Pi Day! The cupcakes will be sold during both breaks.  During assembly, there will be a fun inter-house competition, where two representatives from each house will compete in a maths decathlon. During second break, there will be another inter-house competition: house representatives will try to recite as many digits of pi as they can.

Maths is an incredibly important subject, not just because it opens doors to career opportunities, but because it helps us to make sense of the world around us. Maths Week this year aims to provide fun and interactive opportunities for girls, to help make maths more accessible, real and, of course, exciting for all of them.