Matric Art Exhibition 2012

The Wynberg Girls’ High Matric Art Exhibition was officially opened by Erica Elk on 18 October, Executive Director of the Cape Craft & Design Institute (CCDI), which she was appointed to establish in November 2001. The opening took the form of  a cocktail function  in the Aileen Currie Hall and the Cultural Gallery. In her address to the Matrics of 2012, she commented on the fact that as she walked around the exhibition  with Tamar Pelser, and  looked at the extraordinary body of work that had been produced, it was clear to her that  some very significant  life lessons had been learnt.

In thinking about her journey as an artist, she said that there were five significant she wanted to talk about. The first is that art is not simply the making of pretty pictures or objects: that is hard work and involves both the head and the heart.  The second is that the material is immaterial – it is a means to an end. The field is wide open and it includes the way that you are in the world and the careers that you engage in. She said that people now talk about an art practice,  and that it is called an art practice for a reason: it is about practise. She said that it is seldom that you get it right the first time. Malcolm Gladwell, in his book, Outliers talks about the fact that  it takes 10 000 hours to become an expert. Thirdly, she said that the essence of being creative and innovative is about being open to failure. She said that it is essential to find what you love: that you need to find your passion to drive you to put in those 10 000 hours. Finally, she said that you need to recognise that there are many ways to make your way in the world as an artist, and that the challenge is to find your own way.

A huge tribute to the Matric grouping and indeed the teaching of Mrs Pelser is that it is clear that for this exhibition, they have been encouraged and enabled to find their way.

Opening of 2012 Art Exhibition

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