Matric Music Concert – a glamorous and elegant affair…

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What a glorious evening the evening of the 17th of August was, as the Grade 11 and 12 students prepared for the 2016 Matric Music Concert. This year, the Grade 11’s prepared the hall for the final performances by the Matrics for the school, as the Matrics prepared for this moment – a culmination of many hours, days, weeks and years of practicing.

Elegance and sophistication marked the occasion. Invited guests were provided with snacks and refreshments before settling down to listen to the performances of our Matric Music students.

Included in this number were Sarah McDonald; Meg Anderton; Lailaa Banderker; Jessica Lourens; Annika Wium; Jamie Southgate; AnaÏs van Vuuren and Monique Harrison. Three pieces were performed by each musician and strains of Music from Baroque to Contemporary were heard. For the Matrics

The matrics took their final bow to their last High School concert and were undeniably thrilled with their performances.

The Matrics would like to thank the Grade 11 students, headed by Ms Pearce and Ms O’Hagan who went to enormous efforts to transform the space into a more intimate and breathtakingly beautiful concert hall. The attendance of former past pupils, Carla Stokes and Lauren McDonald, and beloved Mr Claasen, a past music teacher, who had done much to encourage and inspire when he taught at Wynberg, meant the world to us.

It was the perfect end to our time in this Music Department and a symbol of a wonderful beginning to come.

Matric Music Concert 2016