Wynberg Girls’ High celebrates the 21st consecutive year of 100% pass rate.

Congratulations to the Matrics of 2011, who maintained the 100% pass rate for the 21st consecutive year, and who increased the number of Bachelor Passes to 97%. We are immensely proud of you all.

Mrs Harding Announces the 2011 Matric Results



Wynberg Girls’ High School is proud to announce the schools’ 100 % matric pass rate for 2011, and is celebrating this achievement for the 21st consecutive year. The school received 97% Bachelor’s passes and 3% Diploma passes. In order to obtain a Bachelor’s pass, learners have to obtain 4 subjects at 50% including a Home Language compulsory pass, and at least 30% in the Language of Learning and Teaching. In the class of 2011 the top three students were Elaine Petersen, Christine Forbes and Tessa Suttle. Elaine and Christine achieved 9 distinctions and Tessa 8.

Christine Forbes and Elaine Petersen

Christine Forbes and Elaine Petersen

The following students, in alphabetical order, achieved between six and seven distinctions:

Seven distinctions
Farha Cassim
Kristen Nieuwenhuys
Amy van der Westhuizen
Six distinctions
Miengah Abrahams
Meghan Daniels
Arifa Kamroodien
Melissa Kube
Ange Uwase

Meghan Daniels with Mrs Harding

These girls obtained between five and four distinctions:

Five Distinctions
Claudia Campbell
Jaimie de Klerk
Yashna Garach
Alexandra Hendricks
Kelsey Peters
Tyla-Jade Spike
Nadine Staggie
Lauren van der Westhuizen
Carla-Joy van Wyk
Shannon van Wyk
Four distinctions
Mishka Byram
Amy Austin
Victoria Cole
Ameera Conrad
Ashley Kay-Hards
Roberta Smith
Kirsty Steenkamer
Jodi Treu
Dominica Wannenburg
Leslene Wiseman

Shirley Harding at the time of announcing the results said that this had been a wonderful group of matric learners. She was delighted that the Wynberg Girls’ High School matrics of 2011 had maintained the 21 year record and commended the learners on their work ethic which had resulted in an increase of 8% in the Bachelor pass category. The number of subject distinctions obtained by the class of 2011 was 227. Thirty-three (24.08%) of our learners obtained the equivalent of an ‘A’ aggregate, and 40 (29.2%) obtained a ‘B’ aggregate which means that more than half of our students obtained an aggregate of above 70%.