Matrics’ Final Performances at the Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival

It was a cold, chilly evening, to the point of being icy, but inside the Baxter Theatre things had been heating up. As the brass trimmings of the instruments glistened in the bright lights, the melodies of renowned Jazz Standards, such as Frank Sinatra’s ‘Fly me to the Moon’, could be heard from within the auditorium. Backstage, the Wynberg Girls’ High School waited anxiously for their twenty minutes of fame. Nothing could prepare them for what happened next…

The Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival took place at the Baxter Theatre from the 3rd to the 6th June 2015. Our Jazz Band was scheduled to perform on the 5th, just before the interval. This festival is hosted annually by UCT and allows various jazz bands to showcase their talent whilst experiencing the life of a performer. It is, without a doubt, the most important event on our Jazz Band’s calendar, and based on the feedback from the audience, it was evident that we had given a noteworthy performance.

The repertoire of the band included Save the Last Dance by Mort Shuman, I just called to say I love you by Stevie Wonder, L-O-V-E by Natalie Cole and Beyond the Sea by Jack Lawrence. The songs included various soloists, including Saskia de Villiers on the alto saxophone and Hong Ju Nam on the flute.  Momentarily, in the last sixteen bars of our final song, L-O-V-E, the band really came together. In unison, each beat was accentuated, the timing was perfected and the horns blasted out every note.

The band conveys a special thank you to all those parents, staff members and friends who came to support the event. Your support was truly appreciated. Congratulations to the entire band, as they made the matriculants last Baxter performance a memorable one. Lastly ,a very big thank you to our conductor, Miss Dayna Pearce, whose input and mentorship has played a huge role in the success of the band today. We are truly grateful for all of the time and effort she has invested in us. The Cape Town Big Band Jazz Festival was, as a result, a huge success and we look forward to the next one.

Jazz Band UCT Jazz Festival

Back row from left:
Carryn Ryklief, Tayob Harrison, Allison Robertson, Beth Persen, Michaela Jacobs, Ms Pearce,
Honju Nam, Caitlin Johnson, Carryn Joseph, Layla Omar, Anais Van Vuuren, Monique Harrison, Robyn Williams, Carryn Donson

Middle row from left:
Saskia De Villiers, Isabelle Hayes, Sarah Mcdonald, Jamie-Lee Benjamin, Nina Peters, Michelle Langeveld, Emma Martin

Front row
Danielle Hendricks, Anastasia Solomons, Nadine Eddy, Ra’eesah Dalvie, Ashleigh Dreyer, Cara Clayton