Meghan Daniels receives the Golden Lion Award

Meghan DanielsAlthough most of Meghan’s contributions at Wynberg Girls’ High School have been through the Cultural Pillar, her passion and commitment to share her knowledge with others has led her to be recognised widely for her work in the community.

As an artist, she has designed many of the posters and invitations for the school, she is Head of the Cultural Pillar, heads the School Photography Society, the termly Wynpress magazine, co-heads Equal Education project, has been involved in marimbas, Peer tutoring and the Drama Society and many activities in the service Pillar.

Her attendance at the Enke Make your Mark leadership course in her grade 11 year, sparked a community project, which she initiated and brought to completion.  The Ilizwi photography project saw her raise funds, obtain sponsorship, interview and select teenagers from disadvantaged areas for tuition, training and support.  She initiated this project to give young people a medium through which to tell their story and through lessons every Saturday, she has helped them to produce their exhibition and empowered them to take a step up to a better life.

She is a young woman who sees a need, and makes every effort to be part of the solution, giving of her time, her expertise, her compassion and love.  She was recently recognised for her work by being awarded the Amy Biehl Spirit of Youth award.

Even with this work load of service to others through her using her extensive talent, she maintains a matric aggregate in the high 70’s.

It is with great pride that we acknowledge this fine Wynberg learner today and award her with the prestigious Golden Lion.

Meghan Daniels.