Memories of Minquiz 2015

Minquiz 2015While there are countless Maths Olympiads and competitions in which to participate, it is far less common to write such a paper for Physics. Thus, when Nicole Wentzel, Layla Omar and Ashleigh Thompson were given the opportunity to participate in Minquiz, a quiz featuring physics questions for grade 12 learners, it was met with much excitement, and Minquiz certainly did not fall short of expectations.

Minquiz consists of two rounds, a written individual test, and an oral team test for the top 5 schools. The questions are centred on Physics and Maths, with some general knowledge of technology also required. This year, the quiz’s answers were recorded and submitted electronically, a system which doubtlessly saved much time marking papers. The teachers who took the learners to the quiz also found their time far from wasted, as, while the students wrote the quiz, they attended an educational workshop.

In between the two rounds, there was also time for the highlight of many a student’s day- lunch. Minquiz was outstanding in catering for the large number of students and teachers present. Lunch also gave time for students to discuss the answers to the written part of the quiz, and to mingle with people who shared the same passions as they did.

Although Wynberg did not make it to the second round, it was definitely a worthwhile and memorable experience, fostering the love for science among students and showing, in the words of the host of the day’s events, that, “learning is fun”.